Thursday, October 26, 2006

Research work Ornithology Dept,JU

A very well documented research work from the Ornithology department of my alma-mater. Hope avid bird-watchers like me will enjoy it as much I did.

Only two points of criticism to satisfy the Taran Adarsh in me :
1. Wouldn't a Bengali number been more suitable in the background ?
2. Why the Satyam-Sivam-Sundarm bit at the end ?
Reminds only of the DD logo . Or was it a subtle reference to the RK banner movie of the same name that was overflowing with the OOOMPH factor. Huh!!

ps: In case the embedded video-player doesn't open, try clicking
the link instead.Worth a dekho.

Update: The link is not working. Possible speculated reason could be the video might have been removed as it was filmed without the consent of the girls. Gimme some more time...will try to find something else to entertain my dear readers.


DD said...

amazing :-)

the embedded video player didnt open though.

Twisted DNA said...

I am trying understand this. So they basically ran around with a camera shooting random girls without their permission? Sounds good to me ;)

Bishu said...

DD: Good to know you enjoyed ;)
Not sure why this embeded thing is not working.Have to look up some HTML help.

Bishu said...

TD:Not sure about the permission thing.Because when I was around in college, I always saw them shooting with those big video camera that requires quite a broad shoulder along a full crew of 5-6 persons including the clap-boy complete with a cap and shorts. So my guess would be that the girls were quite aware of the shooting. But so long as these silly issues are gracefully sorted out between the crew and the cast, the bird-watcher in me is quite happy to see the cast in action.

rainbeau_peep said...

uhm, if i may clarify, i happened to find myself in the video too, and no, i was not aware of the shooting. it was all quite covert. which would have been frightfully offensive, except that the video's actually very good! :-]

tao, bola uchit chhilo kintu.

Bishu said...

RB:First of all a warm welcome to my thanda blog.Ure-baba,now they are having sting operations in JU. Thankfully the video is in good taste, but I am thinking what would've happened if it was otherwise.Totally agree with you about the consent part.Infact the law requires you to have a written consent before you distribute the reproductions.

Anonymous said...

The link is not working.

Bishu said...

I think the clip has been removed from the site. Not sure of the reason as there was no copyright issue.Only possible cause could be the concern Rainbeau Peep raised above.

rainbeau_peep said...

eki, they removed it? that's a pity. it was well made. i doubt that anyone objected to it being on the net, actually. wonder why they took it off.

Bishu said...

RB:Did you read Shakti Chatopadhay's poem about the poet who use to paint only to tear them later on. Ways of creative people and peeping toms has always been my favourite mystries.