Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Reservation battlefield extends to Judicial Fronts

The Gandhi Topi finally meets the Judges' Wig. The Supreme Court had asked the government to explain the rationale behind the 27% reservations for the OBC. Without giving an oppurtunity for the protesters to cheer the SC sternly asked the medicos to end their stir or be prepared to face the consequences of contempt of the court. As the reservation battlefield extends to judicial fronts speculations about the fate of this movement rolls into mind.

In an utopian world the taking a cue from their mumbling client (when facing the hard hitting facts from Karan Thapar), the government lawyers will stammer when trying to establish the logic of reservation. It's not easy to package the logic of increase my vote-bank amidst the weasel words unless you have the canine cunnigness of Mr. Dogbert. But fortunately our legislators don't take the pain of hiding their malicious intentions behind nationality stirring jargons . Their approach is more direct and more blunt. So as is inscribed below the national emblem the motto of "Satyemeva Jayete" [ie.Truth Alone Triumphs] will prevail the fate of the nation. Admist the deafening claps and cheers the judge will thrash his hammer and say "Tamman bayanat ko madd-e-nazar rakhte huwe adalat isi natize pain aa paunche ke srif voto ke liye arakshan rashtra ke unnati ke khilaf hain. Arjun Singh ko is ghinone zurm ke liye umaar kaed ka saza sunai jaati hain" [translation : Reservation only for the sake of votes is against the development of the nation and Arjun Singh is sentenced to life time prison for this heinous crime.]

In the real world within the eight weeks period granted by the court the government clerks will be collecting and manufacturing data to support the reservation theory. In the same span of time without guidance and directions from thoughtful leaders the zeal of the youthful rebellion will die an untimely death without entering the foray of a revolution. By this time all the political parties will be reaching the enlightening unanimity that reservation will ultimately benefit all of their vote-bank. All the future political programs will be chartered to meet this single objective. The traffic at all the Indian streets and gallis will be stopped by the rallies in support of the reservation. Party sponsered intelligensia will reveal to the media the deep insights into how Manu's wrongfully implemented caste system would be nullified by the rightfully implemented reservation dawai. Time tested methods of Goebbels will once again see success in Indian politics. Finally the day will come when India will be torned into one separate General Pradesh and another separate OBC Pradesh.

In the heaven above the Goddess of Learning will ask the Goddess of Law to lend her blind-folds.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Abhineta and Neta Quotes of the day

Viviek Oberoi was the only one from Bollywood delegation to Cannes to sport an Indian outfit. But apparently he got carried away with the whole Desi looks idea or had too much of French wine. While commenting on his forth-coming film "Omkara" which happens to be a Vishal Bharadwaj's adaptation of the Bard's Othello he said, "I think Vishalbhai’s Omkara is even better than the original version"[1]. Someone should declare that Viviek shouldn't be allowed to give any public interview in 200 mile proximity of his lost love Aishwarya Rai. The old flames seems to have a dull effect on his brains.

Our politicians are getting techno-savvy day by day. Lalu P. Yadav recently stunned his other colleagues of the cabinet with a MS Power Point presentation in Hindi. To break the silence among awe-struck audience Jaipal Reddy was the first to comment "This is the beauty of the Mandal Commission. Nobody thought a person like Lalu Prasad could make a power point presentation."
[2]. Rumour has it that Uma Bharati was spotted listening to her daily evening Bhajan doses with an Ipod hooked to her ears and Rabri Devi is evaluating between SAP and Oracle Applications for keeping a track of her fodder reserves.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Fanaa : Will Kajol break the comeback jinx ?

After the disastrous Neal-n-Nikki the Chopras realised it's high time to make up the losses before lil bro Udai starts pestering Pappa Yash and elder Bro Aditya to script another movie in his quest for impossible stardom. So this Friday coming at a theatre near you is "Fanaa...Destroyed in Love" . Apart from the fact that this a Yash Chopra banner film, "Fanaa" will still be a movie to watch out for a number of reasons.

Critics will be sharpening their pen-nibs to check out what Kunal Kohli cooks up this time after his successful adaptation of "When Harry met Sally" in "Hum-Tum".The Fanaa story-line revealed so far looks fresh from the oven and after indigestion from a staple diet of Hollywood to Koreawood copies this one might bring some freshness to the menu.

As for the aam-jaanta they will be waiting for another inspiring performance from the Haatke actor Aamir. Unlike his stereo-typed colleagues he is the only one who tries to get into the skin of the character instead of playing himself. Think of it how many mimic artists can you remember mimicking Aamir Khan. And this itself is quite a big achievement by Bollywood standands.

Finally this movie will mark Kajol's second innings in Bollywood after her marriage. Will Ms. Devgan be able to achieve what she did before her marriage ? Till date none of the top-rated heroines had been able to regain their numero uno position after their honeymoon trip. The same fan following that whistled loud at her jhatkas-n-latkas becomes silent once the mangal-sutra dangles from the heroine’s neck. In a country where the audience doesn't mind a 50+ actor portraying a college kid this is even more surprising.

Does this trace back to ancient India when because of non-existance of Bollywood dream merchants the show business was strictly state-sponsored. It used to be the king or the elected statesmen who appointed the Nartakis ( dancers ) to entertain the public. Just like today's silver-screen heroines the Nartakis had their share of Page 3 limelight, their own fan clubs, access to the corridors of power and were bedded by high fliers of the society.

But all this rich and famous goodies came at one heavy price: They were never allowed to marry. The logic was when a woman is coveted so much it would be a very big injustice to the entire population if this treasure is hooked up with a single man. Now that the times have changed, old traditions have given way to the new ones, still deep down our sub-consciousness we have the same hypocrisy running strong.

I hope Kajol will break this jinx and prove me wrong.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Krissh : First Mutant invasion in Bollywood !!

In pursuit of contradictions between the treatment towards the opposite sexes, Bollywood has always seemed to me to be the treasure trove. As a true reflection of the male-chauvinist Indian society, in reel life it is always the hero who tastes the fleshy Aam (Mango) leaving the the stony Gutli (seed) for the heroine to suck. And why I say that ? Try closing your eyes and remember any one of the Bollywood songs that tried to reach the peaks. Ok now that you can see the hero and heroine dancing amidst the white snow laden background what diffrences do you see between them ?

Did you notice the truly amazing display of endurance that the heroine smilingly brings to the screen. Behold her in the skimpiest of all outfits atop the peaks of all the mountains you had read in your high-school geography course. Be it the Himalayas at our own backyard or the Yash Chopra favourite European Alps or even the distant Latin Andes from our home-planet to the even more distant Olympus Mons
on Mars, our desi femme fatales had braved the sub-zero temparature to conquer them all in string bikini suits.

On the other hand when it came to dancing at heights, our hero seemed to be a walking billboard for woollen apparels. Barring the monkey-caps their wadrobe seem to have all the weapons that you can think of to protect from the snow. Geared with the snow-goggles, hand gloves, well-knit mufflers and a thick-set sweater, they wrap around anything and everything that could get them the closest resemblence to an intoxicated leaping
Yeti. Rishi Kapoor who had perfected this look had single handedly boosted the sales of Monte Carlo sweaters to 100 times than what it normally would have been.

But to the delight of bra-burning feminists that'll be not be case anymore. Applaud the birth of the first Hindi super-natural hero "Krissh". The preview of the movie showed Hrithik who is playing the role of a mutant (hmm that explains his extra finger and the elastic moves) dancing with his lady love Priyanka to the tune of his uncle Rajesh Roshan's song atop another snow-clad mountain peak. And to my surprise I saw the roles are reversed entirely. Priyanka is wearing a wollen cap , a jacket and even her hands are folded inside to find that extra warmth. And in sharp contrast our mutant boy is donning a dhoti and a banyan and outdoing Priyanka in all the dance steps.


Gotta see this movie for the other twists-n-turns that Papa Rakesh Roshan will entertain us with.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Truck load of Uranium !!!

BBC claims this is Uranium mined at Jadugoda that is being carried in this open lorry. But then again this is B.B.C who are known in Sri Lanka as Biased BrainWash Corporation.
Can anyone from the Indian media check out the story ?

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A-B-C-D of Reservation Politics

Here is the A-B-C-D guide of How to Handle Indian Political Issues

  • A : Agitation
  • B : Bandh
  • C : Committee
  • D : Delay

Now that the agitation and strikes by the pro and the anti reservation camps have had their share of newsprints and blog-bytes time has come to jump for the step C . So just at the right time (read Sonia's comeback at Parliament) Manmohan Singh waking up from his slumber has announced the formation of a four member committee to evaluate the valid points from both sides".

Without any surprises the committee consists of four veteran Congressmen all of whom are present cabinet ministers. Alphabetically the names are :
HRD Minister
Arjun Singh
Law Minister
Hansraj Bharadwaj
Finance Minister P.Chidambaram

Defence Minister
Pranab Mukherjee

If you are done with clicking the Wiki version let me give you the wicked version of the recent and past achievements of the above mentioned gentlemen :

Bharadwaj's recent
claim to fame was trying to stop the solicitor general to freeze of a certain Mr. Quattrocchi's certain UK bank accounts. The law minister has also ignored the two cases pending in Indian courts against the same Mr Q. After all Mr. Q is late Rahul Gandhi's sasural-ke-side-se-mehman. And we Indians are famous for our mehman-nawazi. Hansraj happens to be the most cunning of the lot.Mark my words he'd the guy to watch for.

Arjun Singh has been a long time player and a true master batsman in this game . His epic innings have been Churhat lottery case and the building of the Karwa Dam palace. The palace seems to cost somewhere between 10 to 20 crore although Arjun's claim is it cost him only forty lakhs. Holy Cow!!What was he trying to build ? A second Taj Mahal ? But what more can you say of the rhino-skinned politician who held tight to his CM-ki-kursi even when the Bhopal tragedy Gas had struck. No points in guessing which side of the debate is favoured by Arjun Uncle.

Pranab Mukherjee has been the faithful YES-MAN through decades. From Indira to Rajiv then to Narasimha Rao and finally Sonia this Bengali lawyer had been the laage-raho side-kick character with all the Congress supremos. So his presence in the committee can be translated only as Sonia's rubber-stamp. Nothing more than that but nothing less either.

Chidambaram is the most educated of the lot with a Harvard law degree. Till date he has been doing a good job with India's wallet and had stayed kroso-meel-dur from any corruption. But then again I'm that sceptic who greets the dish of world's best meat with a "The taste would've ruined if one more grain of salt was added" kind of compliment. So who was our FM trying to please when in the Budget 06 the exercise duty on Pasta was reduced from 16% to a big Zero ? Was it the Italian job ? Rumoured to be a supporter of anti-reservation Chidambaram will be perhaps the only guy other than Arjun who'll speak his mind.

Now time for the ek-crore-ka-sawal : What happens next ?

Simple ....just like any other issues the four members of the Committee will now commence on the Step D (ie. the Delay phase). And we, the people of India, will resume our daily normal routine of eating-n-shitting. By the time the Committee come to E-for-ENDING the chances are quite high that I will be rolling in my grave while my great-great-grandson will be walking on this planet.

One film is powerful than a thousand words ?

The release of the film Da Vinci Code in India has been postponed. The Information Ministry has decided to let the ministry pundits, censor board mullahs and the holy bishops to sit down with their well-trained scissors and have a watch at the film before they decide whether the dudh-peete (milk-fed) Indians can have their share of the reel version of Dan Brown's novel. Ever since the book was published in May 03, buying the original copies from racks of Cross-Word (and making Mr. Brown richer) or the pirated ones at the traffic signal (and making Mr. Brown poorer) the voracious Indian readers have already read and digested the contents without any acidic hiccups. Has the attendance at the Sunday masses in the churches across the nation shown any decline after that?

Or is that kala-akshar-vainsh-barabar members of the Indian population forms the largest part of the Church's followers in India? And the padres are afraid that if these ignorant masses are allowed to come across the idea that when it came to love and sex The Son of God also acted like a mere mortal then their customer base might suffer a drastic reduction.

If that be the case why don't the padres address the greater issue of illiteracy and leave us to decide which movie to go for. After all it's my money that buys me the ticket and I have my own right to choose the films I want to watch.

Mr. DasMunshi and Ms. Pataudi are you listening?

Monday, May 15, 2006

Rahul-Baba:Making of the Chote Sarkaar

As predicted by Nostra-Dumb-Ass Sonia-ji is all set to adorn her throne back at Loksabha. Out of the total 5.9 lakh votes polled, Ms Gandhi got 4.74 lakh votes. The two other candidates SP's Raj Kumar Chowdhury managed to secure 57,000 votes, while BJP's scapegoat Vinay Katiyar failed to save his deposit money by securing 20,000 votes only.

The only note-worthy event in this whole fiasco was the Chote Sarkaar Rahul-baba seen organizing his mamma's campaign. If you go by the results Rahul-baba is emerging as the next leader in the making. And time for another Nostra-Dumb-Ass prediction : The Gandhi worshippers at Kangress HQ is waiting for a good time to coronate Rahul on his hereditary throne of the Prime Ministership of India. But the more is Rahul projected as the gen-next messiah more the question of his ability gets raised.

If we are to judge a book by it's cover only the readers are far from impressed. Looking at his designer khadi kurta he seems to me the conventional neta whose motto is to follow the tradition as it is. Why does a young guy have to wear an attire like kurta with which none of the urban or rural youth identifies to? Maybe the Kangress think-tank is afraid if Rahul-baba wears his comfortable Armani or Gucci T-shirts the Rae Berelli or Amethi's aam janta would not be able to identify him as the saviour. Has the Hindi movies potrayal of the neta in white kurta in penetrated so deep amidst the aan-paad ganwar that changing this image is too much of a risk worth taking.

But learning the proverbial lesson as I am try to look beyond the covers and read between the lines of the great Rahul epic, the mere lack of impression turns into utter disgust. So far the Chote Sarkaar's only contribution to the Indian political news has been his occasional pot-shots at Mulayam. Maybe this is a part of the greater plan of establishing Rahul-baba as the voice of Kangress in UP and the rest of the cow-belt. And if the cow-belt is won can the rest of India be left behind. But before he dons that mettle our hero is yet to do anything (other than being born into the Gandhi dynasty) to justify his share of fame.

For example when asked on his views on a hot potato like reservation the Chote-Sarkaar played a bil-cool copybook style safe shot which perhaps even Dravid would be proud of. He simply avoided the debate saying that "It's a complex issue" . And then to the awestruck speechless reporters he added a thoughtful insight that "Both sides have valid points". As if the learned political pundits and the not-so-learned Indian janta both had failed to grasp the "Complex"-ity of the reservation issue before Rahul-baba revealed the true nature of the issue.Tut-tut, Chote Sarkaar can't your speechwriters come up with something better? Or is the lil Gandhi still waiting to find out which side the wind is blowing strong. And then in a convenient time make the jump to that boat which will sail further.

Rahul-baba you seem to have inherited your father's looks and your mamma's dilemma. Your stance reminds me of your mom who said that she would rather have Manmohan as PM only after things were taking a nasty turn. Why couldn't she say that before fighting the election ? Or why did she wait so long before her resignation until EC was breathing on her neck ? Just like her you too are always waiting for the the last straw till the very last moment. Sadly we the people of India have had enough of political déjà vu. So we are not so apprehensive to see you being projected into our political horizon as our guiding star.

Rahul-baba if you are honest to yourself try to think out of the Gandhi topi and do something different. And for Neheru's sake fire those idiot speechwriters of yours and PLEEASE come up with your own lines. Or like another illustrious member from your alma mater Harvard the key to your success lies in INTERNALIZING ?

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Freaky Gagdets/Gadgets Freaky

Throughout my conscious existence on this planet I had been fighting the loosing battle against the strange behaviour of the gadgets around me. If am to record the history of this battle it started as early as my toddler days when I thought that that my father's new watch could do the bouncing trick which I discovered was not true along with a painful memory of dad twisting and turning of my ears.

But that was before I attained literacy and had been able to read the manual successfully. Now that I have read and known what the gadget is supposed to do, the correct combination of the buttons or keys then why come they behave the exact opposite baffles me the most. And when all the possible logical answers fails, an X-File script fits in perfectly. It must be a conspiracy to stop the me to utilize the best of gadgets to the fullest extent. Don't ask me who and why this conspiracy was hatched as Scully and Moulder are still working on it.

Take the strange behaviour of my home theatre system. It’s a nice piece of electronics with woofers, sub-woofers, remote with all possible buttons and a 200 pages thick manual of what all you can do and cannot do. For a father of a two year old nothing is most valuable than his home theatre especially when the cinema halls are a strict no-no until your child learns to stop crying and wake up everyone who are trying to catch a nap at the multiplex. So all my movie watching other than what the TV channel dishes out happens with this piece of gadget.

But two days before it simply refused to do what it is basically supposed to do, play a godamned movie. I had got a CD of the movie "Being Cyrus". I switch on the player and I was greeted with a screen full of frozen pixels. The technician in me immediately got into action. I put on a head cleaner and try again. No better results I am still seeing the frozen pixels. Tried running another CD works fine. Next day go to the shop and complain how can they sell me a CD that doesn’t work. The salesman tries on his system and it works fine. Frustrated I buy the same movie from another shop in another part of the town. Come back, try again and it’s the same frozen screen again.

My player plays all that I have my movie collection. From the ekdum original ones to the cheap pirated ones, the hot-hot XXX ones to the nasty-nasty XXXX ones. But when it comes to playing "Being Cyrus" it always greets me with a screen of frozen pixels. Why on the earth would someone not want me to watch a movie that too "Being Cyrus" is something I can never understand?

This is not the first time...we had this music system that my roomie and me used to share. A product of Ipswich Car Boot Sale it was an amazing piece of machinery for its price of 15 pounds. Be it Bangla folks or the African drums, Bappida's Disco beats or Death Metal Rock it played them all exactly the same way it as was recorded in the studio. But then my roomie went to a Bob Dylan's concert and returned a Convert. Wherever he could lay his hands on or click his mouse he'll buy Dylan's CDs. I personally remember collecting at least 5 times from the eBay delivery. After playing Dylan for two three months our CD player became a Convert too.

It stopped playing all other musicians except for Robert Allen Zimmerman. If you try playing Kishore Kumar it made him sound like a toad with a bad case of laryngitis. If you try Simon-Gurfunkel it made those sweet pair of voices sound like Gupi-Bagha before they got the boon from Bhooter Raja.But put one CD from Mr. Zimmerman, it played like the master singing himself in your living room. Till date I haven't deciphered what secret message my conspirators were trying to send through the lyrics of Subterranean Homesick Blues.

But the deadliest of all was the ATM machine in my first office. ATMs are always the simplest of all machines - easy to understand, easy to use. Just put your card, key in your pin and say how much you need. Like an obedient genie they will churn out the amount in fresh-minted currencies except for this one. I had tried all the other ATM kiosks from my bank across the city. They would behave like a well-groomed puppy that dutifully fetches his master’s newspaper without a single teeth mark. But this one behaved like a mangy old canine whose purpose of existence was to heckle me with its barks and bites.

Any time, any day, any night, any transaction I tried on this machine it invariably would gobble up my debit card. Be it cash withdrawal, changing ATM pin or even checking account balance I was always greeted with a screen “The transaction could not be completed. Your card has been withheld. Please contact our nearest branch”. I use to watch in despair all my colleagues coming out with wad of notes and smiling teeth but I was never able to join those happy faces.

So every time I would either bike 10 km to the next ATM kiosk or ask a trusted colleague to operate on my behalf. Once or twice he tried encouraging me to do it myself but it always ended with a trip to the bank to recover the card. I became quite a known face at the bank. Every time I stepped inside the banker lady in charge of cards would greet me with a "Oh no, Mr Som. Not again!!”

Now that I have relocated and have jumped 3 odd jobs in 3 different cities I still have dreams of visit to that ATM. In my dreams as soon as I try to put my card inside it sucks my hand and then my whole body. The dream always ends with me trying to pull myself back from the clutches of the devilish ATM with the emergency alarm ringing TRNNNNNNG… TRNNNNNNG. Breathing heavily I wake up with a heavy perspiration all over my forehead to find my alarm clock ringing.

Scully ... Moulder are you listening?

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A Tale of Two Faces

Today morning's peek-a-boo at Desipundit informed me that The Republic of India is alarmingly surrounded by "Failed States" on all sides.Being the avid Googler I looked into Google News for a deeper insight.It seems that someone came up with a 12 point rating system where the countries are evaluated.Higher your rating....lower is your country's state of affairs.Name any one of our neighbouring countries : Pakistan, Afghanistan, Burma, Bangladesh, Nepal....they all have scored almost a perfect 10 in all the indicators that characterises A Failed State.Our big neighbour across the Himalayas the Peoples' Republic of China came 54-th way ahead of India whose ranking was 93 among the 146 countries around the globe.Pauline Baker, president of the Fund for Peace, gave a generous certificate that India had greater social mobility and was more decentralised than its more populous neighbour. The true Indian in me immediately started singing the BAAP of all patriotic song ....yes the one-and-only-one Manoj Kumar starrer :

"O mere desh ki dharti ublhe sona, ublhe heere-mothi,
O mere desh ki dharteeeee..............................................."

Just when I had reached the patriotic momentum with the high-pitched EEs suddenly with a EEEEK my song came to a screecthing halt. Another news at the bottom of the screen reflected that India is the home for more than half of the world's under-nourished children.Yes we know that last time President Clinton had visited India both the nation had signed a secret deal.Since the North American landmass was tilting under the weight of its obese population we decided to maintain Earth's center of gravity at the center of the Earth India would balance the weight.There was a very fierce competition from the famine striken and war torn African nations who were also trying to do the same favour to their European counterparts.But at the end it was we the Indian's who were responsible for the Earth to still rotate at 23 degree axis.Of course our friendly neighbourhood Pakistanis and Bangladeshis did add to this 73 million figure but by far India remains to be the biggest contributer to the list.So puff goes my balloon of national pride and I sit at my desk with my head hanging down.

And then I realised that there is not one but two Indias that run parallely in the nation's lifestream.

In one India a business development manager courtiously advises his American clients "Since this is your first day in India I would suggest you rather avoid the currys ". And then with his homework done he suggests "If you like Italian there is a nice little resturant down the lane". The client thinks "Hmmm...thatz cool...but when do I get the free elephant ride".
And thus a successful million dollar outsourcing deal is signed.

In the other India transactions also happen with lunch suggestions. Look at those two gentlemen with one assuring the other "Don't worry whereever I am taking her,they will treat her like a queen".After a few moments of hesitation the father lets go off his daughter's hand and clinches onto the sack of rice.One smooth transaction and a girl is sold at the cost of a sack of rice.

In one India at 2:00 am in morning a call center executive putting on his best American accent is trying to help a frustated user in US : "Yes Ms. Thickhead next time you need to shut down the computer don't switch off the plug.I know it's a bit of irony but you need to press the start button to shut down.That way you wouldn't loose your data....Ok I will put a ticket to the design team suggesting a button name change in the next release.Is there anything else I can help you.Have a good day.Byee"

In another India at 2:00 am in the morning a farmer takes a last long look at his sleeping wife and children before turning to the hanging noose that awaits for him. After all this is the only way he can escape the sharp teeth of the money lending sharks.Too bad he doesn't have a helpline to call.And even if he had the nearest phone booth is 30 miles away.

In one India in the tinsel town of Mumbai inside a sound-proof studio the upcoming female model bares it all in the couch test.The next hour the progressive film-maker chats with his journo freind over a glass of beer "Aare dada ...she's the rawest talent I have ever seen.Just the kind of woman I wanted to potray in my historical Jhansi Ki Raani.Wait for the movie to complete and then you will realise that I got an eye for jewels".Journo friend makes a mental note to pass on this masala to Page 3 editor.

In another India not so far away city of Pune a 13 year Bulu from West Bengal is re-christianed as Chameli and is thrown to the highest bidder for her virginity. An hour later she's one more face in the crowds of Budhwarpet.If she's very lucky enough she might escape AIDS.

In one India the newspapers is carrying a photograph of the genius Indian-American boy collecting the first prize in the spelling bee competetion for correctly spelling the longest word in English dictionary "floccinaucinihilipilification" without the slightest hesitation.

In another India inside a shady joint in the coastal sea-beaches the visitng foreign tourist asks the manager to spell out the name of the boy he had chosen. After all calling the victim by the first name adds a new thrill to the pedophelic lust.

The list is endless,but with each battling contrasts of the two faces of India the dialectics between these two grows more acute than ever. So long these two shades of the fabric otherwise known as the Great Indian Society had been running parallel to each other. But what happens if they intersect ? What will they find when they look into each-others eyes ? Compassion or hatred ? Will they embrace in a brother hug or crush one-another to death ? Will India's growing population of the urban rich manage to pull up the rural down-trodden ? Will the poverty striken rural Indian crowd drag down their urban counterparts to darkness ? Most importantly will this duel take place in our times , in our share of history ? More and more questions keep on piling in the space that divides the two Indias.

The Zen Master told his pupil "The ten thousand questions are one question. If you cut through the one question, then the ten thousand questions disappear ". I am still searching for the ONE QUESTION.

Anyone got the answer ?