Wednesday, May 17, 2006

One film is powerful than a thousand words ?

The release of the film Da Vinci Code in India has been postponed. The Information Ministry has decided to let the ministry pundits, censor board mullahs and the holy bishops to sit down with their well-trained scissors and have a watch at the film before they decide whether the dudh-peete (milk-fed) Indians can have their share of the reel version of Dan Brown's novel. Ever since the book was published in May 03, buying the original copies from racks of Cross-Word (and making Mr. Brown richer) or the pirated ones at the traffic signal (and making Mr. Brown poorer) the voracious Indian readers have already read and digested the contents without any acidic hiccups. Has the attendance at the Sunday masses in the churches across the nation shown any decline after that?

Or is that kala-akshar-vainsh-barabar members of the Indian population forms the largest part of the Church's followers in India? And the padres are afraid that if these ignorant masses are allowed to come across the idea that when it came to love and sex The Son of God also acted like a mere mortal then their customer base might suffer a drastic reduction.

If that be the case why don't the padres address the greater issue of illiteracy and leave us to decide which movie to go for. After all it's my money that buys me the ticket and I have my own right to choose the films I want to watch.

Mr. DasMunshi and Ms. Pataudi are you listening?


Ron said...

Aar bolo na!! Just when I was getring totally enthu about this movie, these dumb asses have to go and postpone the release. And for what? Almost everyone has read the book anyways, what can the movie show that has not already been written about in the book? Most idiotic!!

Anonymous said...

Is there anything calle democracy in this country? these assholes have made a mockery of the fundamental Rights.
maar shaala'der. matha gorom hoye gelo aajke nespaper ta dhore. ekdike reservation, onnodike censorship. even vatican haven't banned the film and these dumabass fucktards are hollerin about a ban.

Bishu said...

@Ron:Welcome back to my humble blog.Maybe the church wants a sneak peak at whether Jesus and Mary Madgalene have been shown in intimate passion or not.Afterall Jesus was born asexually so should be his bloodline.All I can think of is two words: "Holy Crap" !!!

@AM :As Gaurav Sabnis has put in his well-written blog "DasMunshi seems to be more Catholic than Pope Himself".
On another note Singapore will be releasing the movie with 16+ certificate.Since I crossed sweet sixteen long long back that qualifies me to have a crack at the Code.