Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A-B-C-D of Reservation Politics

Here is the A-B-C-D guide of How to Handle Indian Political Issues

  • A : Agitation
  • B : Bandh
  • C : Committee
  • D : Delay

Now that the agitation and strikes by the pro and the anti reservation camps have had their share of newsprints and blog-bytes time has come to jump for the step C . So just at the right time (read Sonia's comeback at Parliament) Manmohan Singh waking up from his slumber has announced the formation of a four member committee to evaluate the valid points from both sides".

Without any surprises the committee consists of four veteran Congressmen all of whom are present cabinet ministers. Alphabetically the names are :
HRD Minister
Arjun Singh
Law Minister
Hansraj Bharadwaj
Finance Minister P.Chidambaram

Defence Minister
Pranab Mukherjee

If you are done with clicking the Wiki version let me give you the wicked version of the recent and past achievements of the above mentioned gentlemen :

Bharadwaj's recent
claim to fame was trying to stop the solicitor general to freeze of a certain Mr. Quattrocchi's certain UK bank accounts. The law minister has also ignored the two cases pending in Indian courts against the same Mr Q. After all Mr. Q is late Rahul Gandhi's sasural-ke-side-se-mehman. And we Indians are famous for our mehman-nawazi. Hansraj happens to be the most cunning of the lot.Mark my words he'd the guy to watch for.

Arjun Singh has been a long time player and a true master batsman in this game . His epic innings have been Churhat lottery case and the building of the Karwa Dam palace. The palace seems to cost somewhere between 10 to 20 crore although Arjun's claim is it cost him only forty lakhs. Holy Cow!!What was he trying to build ? A second Taj Mahal ? But what more can you say of the rhino-skinned politician who held tight to his CM-ki-kursi even when the Bhopal tragedy Gas had struck. No points in guessing which side of the debate is favoured by Arjun Uncle.

Pranab Mukherjee has been the faithful YES-MAN through decades. From Indira to Rajiv then to Narasimha Rao and finally Sonia this Bengali lawyer had been the laage-raho side-kick character with all the Congress supremos. So his presence in the committee can be translated only as Sonia's rubber-stamp. Nothing more than that but nothing less either.

Chidambaram is the most educated of the lot with a Harvard law degree. Till date he has been doing a good job with India's wallet and had stayed kroso-meel-dur from any corruption. But then again I'm that sceptic who greets the dish of world's best meat with a "The taste would've ruined if one more grain of salt was added" kind of compliment. So who was our FM trying to please when in the Budget 06 the exercise duty on Pasta was reduced from 16% to a big Zero ? Was it the Italian job ? Rumoured to be a supporter of anti-reservation Chidambaram will be perhaps the only guy other than Arjun who'll speak his mind.

Now time for the ek-crore-ka-sawal : What happens next ?

Simple ....just like any other issues the four members of the Committee will now commence on the Step D (ie. the Delay phase). And we, the people of India, will resume our daily normal routine of eating-n-shitting. By the time the Committee come to E-for-ENDING the chances are quite high that I will be rolling in my grave while my great-great-grandson will be walking on this planet.

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Abhinav Gupta said...

Reservation politics is killing Indian talent and inviting more brain drain, nobody should keep silence about it provided he/she is truly Indian...