Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Reservation battlefield extends to Judicial Fronts

The Gandhi Topi finally meets the Judges' Wig. The Supreme Court had asked the government to explain the rationale behind the 27% reservations for the OBC. Without giving an oppurtunity for the protesters to cheer the SC sternly asked the medicos to end their stir or be prepared to face the consequences of contempt of the court. As the reservation battlefield extends to judicial fronts speculations about the fate of this movement rolls into mind.

In an utopian world the taking a cue from their mumbling client (when facing the hard hitting facts from Karan Thapar), the government lawyers will stammer when trying to establish the logic of reservation. It's not easy to package the logic of increase my vote-bank amidst the weasel words unless you have the canine cunnigness of Mr. Dogbert. But fortunately our legislators don't take the pain of hiding their malicious intentions behind nationality stirring jargons . Their approach is more direct and more blunt. So as is inscribed below the national emblem the motto of "Satyemeva Jayete" [ie.Truth Alone Triumphs] will prevail the fate of the nation. Admist the deafening claps and cheers the judge will thrash his hammer and say "Tamman bayanat ko madd-e-nazar rakhte huwe adalat isi natize pain aa paunche ke srif voto ke liye arakshan rashtra ke unnati ke khilaf hain. Arjun Singh ko is ghinone zurm ke liye umaar kaed ka saza sunai jaati hain" [translation : Reservation only for the sake of votes is against the development of the nation and Arjun Singh is sentenced to life time prison for this heinous crime.]

In the real world within the eight weeks period granted by the court the government clerks will be collecting and manufacturing data to support the reservation theory. In the same span of time without guidance and directions from thoughtful leaders the zeal of the youthful rebellion will die an untimely death without entering the foray of a revolution. By this time all the political parties will be reaching the enlightening unanimity that reservation will ultimately benefit all of their vote-bank. All the future political programs will be chartered to meet this single objective. The traffic at all the Indian streets and gallis will be stopped by the rallies in support of the reservation. Party sponsered intelligensia will reveal to the media the deep insights into how Manu's wrongfully implemented caste system would be nullified by the rightfully implemented reservation dawai. Time tested methods of Goebbels will once again see success in Indian politics. Finally the day will come when India will be torned into one separate General Pradesh and another separate OBC Pradesh.

In the heaven above the Goddess of Learning will ask the Goddess of Law to lend her blind-folds.


jinal shah said...

Bishu- thanks for the link you left on my blog. Thought provoking.

Bishu said...

Jinal - Thanks a lot for dropping by my blog.If possible check out the next lecture in the series where Crichton talks about politicization of science.And do keep visiting my humble blog.I would be more than happy to have a DP blogger among my reader.