Monday, May 15, 2006

Rahul-Baba:Making of the Chote Sarkaar

As predicted by Nostra-Dumb-Ass Sonia-ji is all set to adorn her throne back at Loksabha. Out of the total 5.9 lakh votes polled, Ms Gandhi got 4.74 lakh votes. The two other candidates SP's Raj Kumar Chowdhury managed to secure 57,000 votes, while BJP's scapegoat Vinay Katiyar failed to save his deposit money by securing 20,000 votes only.

The only note-worthy event in this whole fiasco was the Chote Sarkaar Rahul-baba seen organizing his mamma's campaign. If you go by the results Rahul-baba is emerging as the next leader in the making. And time for another Nostra-Dumb-Ass prediction : The Gandhi worshippers at Kangress HQ is waiting for a good time to coronate Rahul on his hereditary throne of the Prime Ministership of India. But the more is Rahul projected as the gen-next messiah more the question of his ability gets raised.

If we are to judge a book by it's cover only the readers are far from impressed. Looking at his designer khadi kurta he seems to me the conventional neta whose motto is to follow the tradition as it is. Why does a young guy have to wear an attire like kurta with which none of the urban or rural youth identifies to? Maybe the Kangress think-tank is afraid if Rahul-baba wears his comfortable Armani or Gucci T-shirts the Rae Berelli or Amethi's aam janta would not be able to identify him as the saviour. Has the Hindi movies potrayal of the neta in white kurta in penetrated so deep amidst the aan-paad ganwar that changing this image is too much of a risk worth taking.

But learning the proverbial lesson as I am try to look beyond the covers and read between the lines of the great Rahul epic, the mere lack of impression turns into utter disgust. So far the Chote Sarkaar's only contribution to the Indian political news has been his occasional pot-shots at Mulayam. Maybe this is a part of the greater plan of establishing Rahul-baba as the voice of Kangress in UP and the rest of the cow-belt. And if the cow-belt is won can the rest of India be left behind. But before he dons that mettle our hero is yet to do anything (other than being born into the Gandhi dynasty) to justify his share of fame.

For example when asked on his views on a hot potato like reservation the Chote-Sarkaar played a bil-cool copybook style safe shot which perhaps even Dravid would be proud of. He simply avoided the debate saying that "It's a complex issue" . And then to the awestruck speechless reporters he added a thoughtful insight that "Both sides have valid points". As if the learned political pundits and the not-so-learned Indian janta both had failed to grasp the "Complex"-ity of the reservation issue before Rahul-baba revealed the true nature of the issue.Tut-tut, Chote Sarkaar can't your speechwriters come up with something better? Or is the lil Gandhi still waiting to find out which side the wind is blowing strong. And then in a convenient time make the jump to that boat which will sail further.

Rahul-baba you seem to have inherited your father's looks and your mamma's dilemma. Your stance reminds me of your mom who said that she would rather have Manmohan as PM only after things were taking a nasty turn. Why couldn't she say that before fighting the election ? Or why did she wait so long before her resignation until EC was breathing on her neck ? Just like her you too are always waiting for the the last straw till the very last moment. Sadly we the people of India have had enough of political déjà vu. So we are not so apprehensive to see you being projected into our political horizon as our guiding star.

Rahul-baba if you are honest to yourself try to think out of the Gandhi topi and do something different. And for Neheru's sake fire those idiot speechwriters of yours and PLEEASE come up with your own lines. Or like another illustrious member from your alma mater Harvard the key to your success lies in INTERNALIZING ?


Anonymous said...

eije bishu da,
first-timer in this blog. the interface looks nice. thank you very much.
the gandhi family legacy looks likely to carry on with Rahul. hah!!! Among all these young leaders I liked Pramod Mahajan the best. Sadly he's no more. These Harvard alumni who get into these Ivy league varsities with theri monetary muscle and comes vback to preach development talk with their bony old Harvard, yale accent are nupto no good.
However Indian voters are so famished of good leaders, they're like a new ray of hope to 'em. damn.

Bishu said...

Thank you for appreciating the template.Looks like my years of Javascript coding finally paid off.
I don't mind Gandhi legacy to continue if that does wonders for India.If someone is able it doesn't matter where he comes from...all that matters is where is going.But projecting someone whose political knowledge is less than a kindergarten kid as our next messiah is the height of stupidity that an ideology bankrupt party like Congress can only afford.Sadly there are buyers for such idiocracy too.