Friday, May 19, 2006

Krissh : First Mutant invasion in Bollywood !!

In pursuit of contradictions between the treatment towards the opposite sexes, Bollywood has always seemed to me to be the treasure trove. As a true reflection of the male-chauvinist Indian society, in reel life it is always the hero who tastes the fleshy Aam (Mango) leaving the the stony Gutli (seed) for the heroine to suck. And why I say that ? Try closing your eyes and remember any one of the Bollywood songs that tried to reach the peaks. Ok now that you can see the hero and heroine dancing amidst the white snow laden background what diffrences do you see between them ?

Did you notice the truly amazing display of endurance that the heroine smilingly brings to the screen. Behold her in the skimpiest of all outfits atop the peaks of all the mountains you had read in your high-school geography course. Be it the Himalayas at our own backyard or the Yash Chopra favourite European Alps or even the distant Latin Andes from our home-planet to the even more distant Olympus Mons
on Mars, our desi femme fatales had braved the sub-zero temparature to conquer them all in string bikini suits.

On the other hand when it came to dancing at heights, our hero seemed to be a walking billboard for woollen apparels. Barring the monkey-caps their wadrobe seem to have all the weapons that you can think of to protect from the snow. Geared with the snow-goggles, hand gloves, well-knit mufflers and a thick-set sweater, they wrap around anything and everything that could get them the closest resemblence to an intoxicated leaping
Yeti. Rishi Kapoor who had perfected this look had single handedly boosted the sales of Monte Carlo sweaters to 100 times than what it normally would have been.

But to the delight of bra-burning feminists that'll be not be case anymore. Applaud the birth of the first Hindi super-natural hero "Krissh". The preview of the movie showed Hrithik who is playing the role of a mutant (hmm that explains his extra finger and the elastic moves) dancing with his lady love Priyanka to the tune of his uncle Rajesh Roshan's song atop another snow-clad mountain peak. And to my surprise I saw the roles are reversed entirely. Priyanka is wearing a wollen cap , a jacket and even her hands are folded inside to find that extra warmth. And in sharp contrast our mutant boy is donning a dhoti and a banyan and outdoing Priyanka in all the dance steps.


Gotta see this movie for the other twists-n-turns that Papa Rakesh Roshan will entertain us with.


Anonymous said...

hahahaha....the skimy outfit wearing heroines always amaze me. They even brave sub zero temperatures in swiss alps and himalayas to be in the arm-candy of the hero.
hindi films are disgusting. not all of them but 99% of them.
they treat the audience like a bunch of retards.

Bishu said...

Hollywood also seems to be learning the tricks of the trade fast.MI-3 is a sure sign of that.
But when it comes to the fine art of Golpo-r Goru Gache Chorano no one can beat Bollywood.

Vishnupriya said...

ooh! hritik in skimpy clothes makes everything all right. oh, and we are not bra-burners! do you know how expensive good bras are these days ???

Suneeta said...

wonderful & amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!