Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Fanaa : Will Kajol break the comeback jinx ?

After the disastrous Neal-n-Nikki the Chopras realised it's high time to make up the losses before lil bro Udai starts pestering Pappa Yash and elder Bro Aditya to script another movie in his quest for impossible stardom. So this Friday coming at a theatre near you is "Fanaa...Destroyed in Love" . Apart from the fact that this a Yash Chopra banner film, "Fanaa" will still be a movie to watch out for a number of reasons.

Critics will be sharpening their pen-nibs to check out what Kunal Kohli cooks up this time after his successful adaptation of "When Harry met Sally" in "Hum-Tum".The Fanaa story-line revealed so far looks fresh from the oven and after indigestion from a staple diet of Hollywood to Koreawood copies this one might bring some freshness to the menu.

As for the aam-jaanta they will be waiting for another inspiring performance from the Haatke actor Aamir. Unlike his stereo-typed colleagues he is the only one who tries to get into the skin of the character instead of playing himself. Think of it how many mimic artists can you remember mimicking Aamir Khan. And this itself is quite a big achievement by Bollywood standands.

Finally this movie will mark Kajol's second innings in Bollywood after her marriage. Will Ms. Devgan be able to achieve what she did before her marriage ? Till date none of the top-rated heroines had been able to regain their numero uno position after their honeymoon trip. The same fan following that whistled loud at her jhatkas-n-latkas becomes silent once the mangal-sutra dangles from the heroine’s neck. In a country where the audience doesn't mind a 50+ actor portraying a college kid this is even more surprising.

Does this trace back to ancient India when because of non-existance of Bollywood dream merchants the show business was strictly state-sponsored. It used to be the king or the elected statesmen who appointed the Nartakis ( dancers ) to entertain the public. Just like today's silver-screen heroines the Nartakis had their share of Page 3 limelight, their own fan clubs, access to the corridors of power and were bedded by high fliers of the society.

But all this rich and famous goodies came at one heavy price: They were never allowed to marry. The logic was when a woman is coveted so much it would be a very big injustice to the entire population if this treasure is hooked up with a single man. Now that the times have changed, old traditions have given way to the new ones, still deep down our sub-consciousness we have the same hypocrisy running strong.

I hope Kajol will break this jinx and prove me wrong.

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