Monday, December 19, 2005

Of Festive season...and me

Did it ever happen to you that you read about the symptoms of an ailment and realise that the small itch that you been having on your back for a week is a sure sign of the most dreaded disease you just read about.Well in my case it is not only the diseases but everything else. I am like the weather-cock that swings to almost all the possible directions that the wind can blow.
Just yesterday I was reading an article about people getting grumpy at the end of the year and WOW I diagonsed the symptom in me immediately. It immediately started of with a fight with the better half over the cup of tea being too hot. I like these domestic exchanges can start with a cup of tea and extends to your character definition with obvious unfreindly suggestions that you should never pay heed. Anyway coming back to the co-relation of festive season and being grumpy --- first and foremost let's take the economist's angle. End of the year means Festive season and that means spending and spending and unlike the fairer sex , we always think it's unfair to spend (specially with taxman waitng for you around the corner) it doesnot take Sherlock Holmes to say "My Dear Watson the man spends money and spends his happiness as well".But is it only the economy or the weather also plays its role as well. Of course I don't live in -10/15 degrees and is thankful not to shovel the snow from my backyard but still winter and me share a love-hate relation. Just to think that in summer you don't need to be under the blanket early morning you are not so unhappy to jump up from the bed.But winter makes you feel good and then just take it back.First comes the pleasant cold and then it is the wretched chill. It's like giving a candy and taking it back. So obviously weather does have something to do about you being grumpy. Also there are other factors about looking back and realising what an unproductive year it has been....trying hard to build up the next year's resolution....and obvious end of year events that makes you feel older like seeing Ganguly dropped from team,seeing ailing Amitabh carried in strecher,Lalu Yadav thrown away from Bihar...etc etc. All these makes people in my age feel "Oh boy its been so long...or they are rapid paced about change!!!"

So my new year resolution stay away from all festivities and be happy about it.
You can give me a Xmas gift but do not expect return gifts. That will ruin my happiness.

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