Monday, February 13, 2006

Arrived in Singapore

Finally arrived in Singapore in one piece and lot of pieces of luggage. Speaking of luggage reminds me of the ordeal that my wife and me went through before dumping our entire household into as many suitcases we had and as many we can buy. If you have had the opportunity of reading "Three Men in a Boat" by Jerome K Jerome you should know exactly what goes on. In case you haven't better buy the book and read instead. The only difference you will find with my case that it was not 3 men but a married couple so it other than having element of comedy …there was strong undercurrents of sentiments of a household drama…a missing Montgomery and a the presence of a very active toddler who was even more active than us during packing/unpacking/packing loops. The flight from Indian Airlines was surprisingly pleasant...all the airhostess below 30...I was bowled over not to see the 40+ aunties and seeing an IA airhostess smiling, asking you for a another round of drink for the first time made my day. Another first time on the flight was to see a group of students travelling who started playing cards on the plane across seats. Anyone who has travelled in Indian Railways must be well aware with this acrobatic feat of balancing on your feet against the rhythm of the moving train...but doing the same thing at 30000 ft above the ground I must say Indians and Indian habits are really reaching for the skies. Well that was about India, more on Singapore tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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