Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Next Time Ban the Pigeons Too

Just a few days after the pyre smokes in Bombay died out,the Indian government suddenly jumped into action to counter the jihadi terrorists. So far the items in the list that had been actioned upon are :
1. Releasing those very very similar identity toolkit pictures of the suspects.
2. A morose speech full of usual jibberish from a puppet PM.
3. Pointing fingers at our Islamic neighbours
4. Banning a couple of blogging sites like and

The official reasoning for implementing this blog-sites ban is still not very clear but has been speculated as something like this:
SIMI activists are using these sites for checking each-others health and welfare apart from spreading hate and anti-national sentiments.

The next question that jumps to mind is whether blogs were the prime mode of communication between the jihadi khalnayaks and would this ban cripple them. Considering this report not to be a figment of the reporter's imagination, it seems the khalnayaks are more dependant on the traditional methods like PCOs.

So my proposal to the Indian government is closing down all the phone lines in the country.Lacking their usual mode of communication the jihadis will resort to parchments concealed in talisman tied to gutar-gutar pigeons' feet.

While the terrorists will be shooing the feathered couriers by singing "Kabutar jah jah", our specially trained snipers can bring down the pigeons to decode the next bomb-blast location.

Pretty soon the skies of India will be free from jihadi kabutars and we will win our war against terrorism on the information front.

Mera Bharat Mahan !!


hutumthumo said...

ek kaale payra diye missile guide kara jaye kina niye research hoto. aabar chalu korte hobe mone hochhe.

Agarwaen Mormegil said...

that blog blocking thing was a shitty thing to do. when the govt. realized that they'll get panned in the court they acktracked. that's indian govt. for you. stupid IAS officers. how did they pass that exam with this kind of intelligence?

Bishu said...

@Hutum: Kaale kaale koto kichui dekhbo.Sotyo Selukaash ki bichitro ei dhyash!!!

@Sayon:Do'nt blame the IAS officers avg intellegence. Personally I might have passed that exam on my seventh or eighth reincarnation ;-)It's their survival techniques that could take the blame instead.One thing is crystal clear that this ban was not about curbing cyber-terrorism or ideology.It was solely aimed at pleasing people or parties who hold the key to the corridors of powers in national politics.

Twisted DNA said...

Haha. ROFL. At the post and the perfect picture accomaniment for the post!

Bishu said...

@Twisted DNA: Thanks yaar.Do keep visiting.And you gotta great blog running.Keep posting.

Pushan said...

Bishu , khobor ki ? email korish boss, orkut e join kor. khorak hobe, shob ajonota aache okhane