Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Rip Van Winkle Wakes Up

There was this story of a real life Rip Van Winkle who got out of his coma after 20 long years. After reading the news I was thinking what must be that guy’s reaction to see the world around him. Personally I don’t remember much about the world 20 years back except for a few facts like climbing trees and breaking neighbour’s windowpanes with my cricketing ambitions. So let me cut the story short by another 10 years and try to figure out the conversation between Mr. Winkle and his attending doctor.

RVW: What's the latest going on in politics?
DOC: Not much, it’s pretty much same old stuff for the last few years. George Bush is still fighting war in Iraq with the English PM by his side.
RVW: OMG, that old fart-head is still the president and is still after Saddam's ass.
DOC: dude actually it's his son who's the president now.

RVW: Ok leave politics, tell me what's latest in fashion now ?
DOC: A lot has changed since you went to sleep. See the last trend was metro sexual. Now that's out, uber-sexual is in.
RVW: WTF what happened to the good old heterosexual fellas? Are they dead?
DOC: No they are still out there but not much in demand.

RVW: Tell me about the movies ...which film made it big at the Oscars last year?
DOC: definitely was The Brokeback Mountain.
RVW: Who was the heroine? Is she hot?
DOC: No heroine in that was a story of two cowboys madly in love with each other.
RVW: Holy shit!!! Even the cowboys in bloody westerns have turned to faggots. Good that John Wayne died long before seeing all this crap.

RVW: Are the IT jobs still hot? Is Bill Gates still sucking millions out of the consumers?
DOC: All the IT jobs have now shifted to India and China while US is concentrating on what it does the best, fighting wars in Middle East. Bill Gates has joined hands with Warren Buffet. Together they are the two most celebrated philanthropists in the planet.
RVW: Are you kidding?

DOC: I seriously hope that I was kidding.But sorry dude,that's how it is nowadays.

RVW: It's much much crazier world than last time I saw. The human beings have lost their appetites for both sex and greed. I rather prefer to get back to my sleep. If you are still around wake me up in 2016.Hopefully the world will be a saner place by that time.

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