Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Before We Rejoice Jessica Laal Verdict

Excerpts from BBC report on "India's elite feel courts' heat"

Supreme Court lawyer Bharat Sangal cautions, however, that "two swallows do not make a summer".

He says in the Shibu Soren and Navjot Sidhu cases, the convictions are based on direct evidence, but in the Jessica Lal and Priyadarshini Mattoo cases, the high court depended on a lot on circumstantial evidence.

"The crucial test will come when the cases go into the Supreme Court as appeal. The Supreme Court generally does not give much importance to circumstantial evidence. The important thing then will be whether the highest court upholds these convictions or not," he said.

Interesting to know that the battle is half-won. Does the red-turban theory still stand a chance ? My bet is Jethmalani is already preparing for the final showdown.


ichatteralot said...

I have never been able to figure out Jethmalani - why does he take up such cases - who does he want to challenge - the judical system or people's beleif that good prevails over evil

Anonymous said...

y representing the accused. and he is a good lawyer. it's unfair to portray him in a bad light i think.

iamsayan said...

does all these really matter? it's inhumane to see the media trumpeting and backslapping each other over this , where as the fact remains , that legal justice is out of reach of 99 % of indians , including the ohh so powerful burgeoning middle class

Bishu said...

@Ichatteralot: Welcome to my humble blog. I guess Mr Jethmalani is too good of a lawyer and a pricey one too. If you could pay him his price,he'll defend you whatever might be the charges. Being already attained his reputation,he knows if he can't pull the trick,no one is going to raise fingers at him.But imagine by someway or the other if he manages to get it his way...that'll surely makes him a legend.My guess is that's what he's after.

@Agarwaen Mormegil: Welcome back after a long time bro.Congrats for getting your article published in that prestigious site.As far as Mr. Jethmalani is concerned the fact that that Manu Sharma's family employed him proves that right now he's the topmost lawyer in the country. Another instance of his brilliance in this case is that court had said that since they believe Manu might have a chance for change, that's the reason they are awarding lifer. To see this guy getting saved from the noose is just a display of Jethmalani's charisma,if we exclude the power equations behind the doors.

@Sayan: I think media deserves it this time. For one-time Indian media acted like an adult.So the childish display of joy could now be forgiven. I am waiting for the case to go Supreme Court. Then let's see what happens.

Anonymous said...

this sanajay dutt makes me sick. just because he acted about gandhigiri in a movie, he's all crimes are now being forgiven by the media.
he's a crook.
---The Mormegil.

Bishu said...

@Mormegil: The media is backing him not for his acting skills or for his preaching of Gandhigiri.
As they say in detective fiction "Always follow the money". Right now Sanju-baba have quite a good back-log of unfinished movies. If he goes inside the producers loose their invested money.That's what it's all about.