Monday, July 27, 2009

ITIL Framework and Corp Ladder

A conversation on a typical cloudy day in the life of an IT engineer.Replace this with your own IT platform (we the IT engineers and railway beggars are very terretorial when it comes to his/her platform) and your techno-jargons.

IT Engineer : We have a problem with our system...the Websphere connection's reaching the maximum number of cursors that can be opened for the CRM database that we just upgraded to the latest version supplied by the vendor. Users are complaining on slowness of the system and some are unable to login.

IT Boss : Oh the pool issue ummm...ummm...get someone to look into it. I gotta rush for the problem management meeting. Get me the ETA in mail (waving his blackberry ) ...say in the next 30 mins. And make sure you raise the problem ticket.

Chances are in the next 30 mins, the IT engineer will be surfing his surf-board across the treachorous waves of IBM Manual, IT Toolbox groups, blogpages rendered via google.Then at the magical moment he will hit upon some page written by someone who had banged his/her head on the wall in a similar fashion. The dimaag-ki-batti will shine with the glory of a thousand sun. The websphere connection pool settings optimum parameter values will present themselves as if leggy female models strutting across the fashion ramp.

Chances are in the next 30 mins,the IT boss will be blabbering his higher management on the 33 point structured approach methodology. In all comming meeting this methodology will be used to measure the data quality and availability. That very data which will be collected across 43 non-structured approach of calculating something that need not be calculated at all.

Chances are in the next 30 mins,the IT Managment feel very bored and ask the manager to add 44-th,45-th and 46-th data trend and decide the date for the next meeting.

The funny part is higher you climb,the more detached you get from the real world and the real problems.Sitting below the alter of the great board-president and his cohorts, the high priests religously track excel sheets hoping the issues get sorted out themselves.

Long live the ITIL framework and its holy practioners. Jai ho.


iamsayan said...

he he ..
dilbert principle.

Ms. Sunshine said...

lol. i love this post! :)