Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sankat City : Almost there

Immediate first reactions first
1."Ekdum bheja-fry...paar fultu solid boss", that's how the Mumbaiya lingo would describe this phillum.
2. After a long long time,there's a Hindi movie( Rajashri pics not counted in ) that got hordes of characters. And every one of them is relevant to the plot.
3. Situational comedy that gets surreal at times. And oh boy, what a level of never seen before surreality.
4. The sincerity of the entire team is captured in frame to frame.
Not a single character is extra soft or extra loud than the scripts demands.
Chunkey Pandey excluded, but then again since when did you watch Chunkey Pandey for his acting skills.

But...but...but...after so many decades we could have had a worthy successor to Jane Bhi Do Yaroon ...sadly we didn't.

Handling so many characters with so much details is the biggest strength and weakness of this movie. Trying to establish each and every character's traits in the shortest possible time, as the story unfolds, the director seemed to have lost it midway.

To prove the point ask a simple question : Which of the characters do you feel for across the reels ?

Personally I didn't feel for anyone in the movie. Neither love, nor hatred. And it's either one of the two emotions that pulls you for the second viewing. As for me there was no attachment or connection to the characters, so not sure whether there will be a planned second viewing.

Having said all these, let me repeat again and again there are scenes and dialogues in this movie that'll be treasured in my grey cells for a long time to come.

Like the mermaid dream sequence,
like the moon and the bubblegum scene,
like the Manoj Pawa's description of Sikandar Khan's body,
like the Ash without Abhishek request

And for these gems, Pankaj Advani aap ke liye A VERY BIG SALUTE. Saar next time there's no's got to be even crazier than this.

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