Friday, March 17, 2006

Bangalore looses again

Bangalore oops Bengaluru’s fate suffers badly once again in the hands of the Gowda family. This time after Narayana Murthy it is the MRT (mass rapid transport) visionary of Bangalore IAS officer K N Srivastava who is given the boots. His fault --- he failed to invite honorary H.D Kumaraswamy to the function for changing the logo for Bangalore Metro rail project!!!! This brings us to the basic question:

How the Indian democracy is held hostage by a few thugs like Gowda family and we people have very little say in it.

The reason we score against China is that we have a democratic system in comparison to their autocratic Communist leadership. But this essence is losing its value as people like Gowda makes Indian democracy look like a farce and we the ordinary people have no say at all. By the time foreign customers of Indian IT will be sick of the infrastructure problems and be forced look beyond the Indian shores for their software vendor the Gowda family will have amassed a fortune and our children will suffer the joblessness caused. I can only dream that we somehow we can measure the damages beforehand and someone from us will overthrow these bunch of robbers and take on the leadership to steer the new India to its boom.

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