Friday, March 24, 2006

Office of Profit

For the last few days we the people of India were entertained by another nautanki titled "Office of Profit".
Looks like the script was penned down two years ago by Madan Mohan Shukla a petty Congress leader in UP. Shuklaji's nomination paper was thrown into waste basket as he forgot to mention his educational qualifaction in the form. No no don't confuse Shuklaji to be an angutha chaap...his next course of action proves otherwise. He went back to the library and pulled a copy of Indian Constitution,read between the lines and then struck the treasure
"Thou shalt not hold both office of profit and MPs seat together" said the commandment.
His opponent Jaya Bachchan was heading the UP Film Development Board who produce Bhojpuri phillums like "Sajan mora pahelwaan".So Shuklaji filed a case saying that Jaya-ji cannot be an MP when she is earning munafa after munafa by developing UP's phillum.
The lawyer wrote the petition....chaprasi took down the case....judge adjusted his wigs...drummed his kanun ka hathodi...two years flew by. Finally adalaat saari gawaon ko nazar rakhte huwe yeh natize paar paucha ke Jayaji aap phillum development board se itni munafa kamaya ke aap MP paad ke laayek nahin!!!
Jaya Bachchan cried---Amar Singh fried(the Congress)---Mulayam Singh tried (to prove in UP bidhansabha that Bhojpuri phillums are not so profitable)--- paar Kalam saab kisi ka nahin suna.Jayaji had to resign her MP post.
Now L.K. Advani who didnot throw any water filled balloons this holi suddenly saw an oppurtunity to throw this balloon at Sonia She was holding post of Chairman of National Advisory Council.This post even more profitable because they donot make bhojpuri phillums.So the Saffron brigade charges at the parliament...say "Sonia must go"...Congress replies "No no".
The argument continues 24x7 and media gets all the experts they can to comment on the matter. Finally Congress close down the parliament,ministers rush back to their offices...Union law minister calls all the lawyers he knows. They look up all the sections and sub-sections..but gives only one verdict : Kaanon ki devi andhaa hain and so fails to distinguish between 5 foot Indian Jaya Bachchan and the tall Italian Sonia Gandhi.
Way out : Let Sonia resign...she can always win another election from Rae Bareli whose people are happy to vote for even for a lamp-post whose surname is Gandhi. And so it was Sonia who heard her inner voice and said she never ever did any thing for her personal profit so to proove the point she is resigned.Congress and their allies clap as hard as they can....BJP camp says this is not Tyag but only maajburi.
Whats happens next ? Does Sonia's resignation change anything ? No it doesnot...she still remains the UPA chairperson and still can pull the strings attached to our puppet PM. The only loosers are the tax-payers whose tax money will see a new way of spending --- the re-elections.
But then again nothing comes for being entertained by the political drama also has its price.


kumbhokarno said...

Bere likhechen dada. Chaliye jaan- pechone aachi.

Bishu said...

Pechone noye pashe chai.

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