Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Gracias ...Carol u made me almost famous !!!

Never believed the Sad-old-bong when he said it works .
But now a screenshot from my stats-counter confirms it really works.I guess when your site ends up in the google search you can call yourself a celebrity.

Autographs anyone ?


Anonymous said...

eto laphacho bal-chal ja khusi search korley paoa jai....bal famous hoecho....kintu bloggulo besh interesting...Siliguri

Bishu said...

Amar Mohan howar saadh hii jaage
O Aami mohan hote parine
O Aami saadh-alawdh charine

Mohin-r ei gaan-ta mone ache...amar doshao thik tai

Na aami daan dike roi
Na aami baam dike roi
Ami dui-diketei roi
Poran jolanjoli diya