Monday, April 03, 2006

India Passion Week

As a teen-ager in the sex-starved India me and many from my age-group ( excluding the impotent ones ) had been thrilled at the naughty wind blowing off the mal-maal ka laal dupatta and revealing heroine's half inch deep cleavage.Then were was other forces of nature like the rain pouring on the not too revealing transcluscent saaris changing its optical property to revealing transparent.And not to be left behind in this erosion of the saari the human forces join hands too -- remember the andhi tufaan-waali raat and the gajraati bijli when Gulshan Grover ripped apart the hero's andhi bahen's saari.

But those were the innocent times...before the advent of the compulsory item numbers,MMS clips (do I sound like a dinosaur here)...and now we have the Lick-Me Indian Passion Week and WADROBE MALFUNCTION.

According to copy-paste from Wikipedia :"Wardrobe malfunction is a euphemism used to describe the presumed accidental exposure,because of a defect attributed to an article or articles of clothing, of what would be considered an intimate part or parts of the body of their wearer."

Maatlaab sudh hindi main "Galti se mistake hoke aagar baadan se chunri sarak jaaye,taan-badan ka jhalak buri nazar-waalon ke nazar main aayen to use kahete hain VASTRAGAR ka LOCH yaane ki WADROBE MALFUNCTION".

Just when the moral police in the government ( and I thought Sushma Swaraj belonged to BJP and Congress were the ruling party) decided to stop airing of the "Babu-ji dhire chalo" we immediately found a new way of entertaining ourselves.

So we have the zippers getting zapped, the halter neck top halting before sliding all the way down and OF-COURSE the camera cell-phones going and the very next moment Hutch-Airtel seeing a steep rise both in their MMS traffic and their profits.

It could have been deliberate cheap publicity stunt (never heard of either Bennu Sehgall or Lascelles Symmons before today) or it could have been a genuine accident.
But frankly speaking who cares ? So long we have the raunchy MMS clips and the Item Numbers we probably wouldn't notice even if Gulshan Grover retires.

As a nation when are we going to grow up ?

Update: Thanks to the effort of Maharastra Deputy CM R.R. Patil the Mumbai cops after running the video for umpteenth time have confirmed it was a case of genuine ACCIDENT. Hopefully next thing Mr. Patil will come up is that the suicide of the Vidarbha farmers is an ACCIDENT too.....the only problem nobody has a footage of these un-glamourous ganwar folks.

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