Monday, July 20, 2009

Flogging the dead blog

From now on this blog will try to rise out of the ashes successfully like the Phoneix or as unsucessfully as Mr. Ricky Ponting.

Any thing blog-worthy like

1. The U,V,W,X,Y or Z turns of the econonic downturn which is as cyclical as Yahoo Shammi Kapoor's pelvic thrusts while gyrating to "Aao Twist Kaare". Seriously yaar ! I keep on hearing that there's been the biggest recession since 1920s but no banker yet to committed suicide by jumping from the Wall Street sky-scrapers. Is something fishy-fishy going under the water. Somebody needs to do a deep-dive.

2. Slippery oil prices slipping up and down as if a monkey climbing an oiled bamboo. Up it goes three centimeters and down it comes two centimeters, so Bablu tell me how long will it be till the bandaar stops the pole dancing and be content eating the banana.

3. Manmohona UPA goberment and Pranab-babu's bujet which was even less colorful than Mannu-ji "you can have it in any color so long as it is buloo" paagdi. On a related note I cannot think of any Kangress politician with a colorful wardrobe. Sonia-ji's favorite color is white,Rahul like it white... and take others A.K. Anthony,S.M.Krishna,Pranab Mukherji it's a "Kyun chaunk gaaye Tide" ad. Now realising what a pivotal role Shivraaj Patil played in the last ministry.

4. Budhdo-babu whose only difference with his Russian counterpart Gorbachev would be that after the left are left no-where,the poor guy won't get a teaching job at the Kolkata University Bangla Dept. Sooner or later Momota didi who is her unique way is a Lady Yell-It-Queen would take over the reigns. As Nokur-mama would've said with a disapproving nod "Ghor Koli..Ghor Koli !!"

5. Brain dead Hollywood flicks where New York will be ravaged one more time by
B)Natural Disaster
or a combination of two or more of the above mentioned forces.
While the Bollywood director saab will watch and rewatch these flicks and cut-copy-paste with
A) Heavy dosage Kiron Kher as the loud Punjaabi Maa
B) A Fibreless zero calorie heroine
C) Heavy Moral Fibre ( Compensating on the fibre department where the hero won't sleep or kiss the heroine without the saat-phere)
D) lil bit of SRK hamming + Bachchan Sr voiceover
= Lo kaar lo baat baan gaya nah hit phillum formula

will be followed like a paparazzi, stripped like a LA lap-dancer and then blogged like umm whatelse a worthless blogger.

In short nothing will be spared, including reader's sanity. So keep on following at your own peril.

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iamsayan said...

choto synopsis dile hobe na full length post chai ..
welcome back!